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post 2 -- same night

The first post seemed a little negative, so here's another: Tonight I was trying to think of jokes because I've been thinking about doing stand up comedy one of these days. Some people think that's a good idea, and some don't...oh well, it's not like my life dreams are to be a stand up comedian... My thoughts brought me to remember the time my Dad (Rick jr.) and his Dad (Rick sr.) went hiking on the Appalachian trail (some people pronounce that Ap-al-AE [eh as in Canadian eh]-chen, but I hold that it's pronounced Ap-al-AH [like ahhhh real monsters]-chen). We came across the famous Appalachian trail shelters, where a bunch of strangers hiking the trail stay shut in a little cabin with a locked gate to keep bears out. When we got there, we met some of the folks that were striving to hike the entire trail (Maine to Georgia, about a 3-5 month commitment). They introduced themselves by their trail names and I discovered that everyone who does that is at least a

New Blog

I've been thinking about starting a weblog. Thanks to a challenge from Jason Epstein and The Art of Manliness , the folks on the internet can read my thoughts. I had one of these back in the day...a Xanga. Didn't last. Maybe this one will...