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New Single - "Two Palm Trees"

Last Christmas, I didn't give you my heart, but I did give you a new single! (Dumb joke, sorry...) " Two Palm Trees " was written just before the pandemic, when my wife and oldest daughter would leave very early for school/work, sometimes before the sunrise. I would wake up with them, help them out the door, and oftentimes this was the view from my window after they drove away:     These two palm trees struck me -- something about the way they stood out in the skyline, particularly as the sun rose behind them. It sparked a metaphor for my wife and I, and the song ensued.   You and I are two palm trees Silhouetted in the sunrise Reaching up to Heaven As we grow together Dancing in the sea breeze Carrying all these leaves A beacon in the sky To you driving by You and I are two palm trees Swaying in the sunrise You see the shoreline I'll dream with you there We have a mission With a different destination A life of inspira