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What is Your Name?

I have been shaped heavily the past few years by a guy named Jamie Winship. He's a great speaker, mostly known for his  Hearing From God  series, which is how I was introduced to him. An amazing storyteller and a man of incredible faith, I always leave his lessons encouraged and wanting to live a fuller life. Recently, I stumbled upon this one, in which Jamie speaks about finding what God has named you, working from the premise that God designed us with a purpose before we were born. It's already in us, we just have to ask God what it is (what He calls us...our name). When we find that out, we know our destiny, which shapes our decisions. He cites  Moses ,  Paul  and  Gideon  as men who started out life heading in one direction, though it was apparent (even before they knew it) that they were destined for something more. It really resonates with me as I have experienced first-hand a lot of questioning about what I'm supposed to do here; and I know that is a question mo