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It's been a while...(and the pictures we had are faded). That's a Watashi Wa reference. My old blog on Xanga had a Watashi Wa quote on top, "Life doesn't always demand that we understand, just enjoy it." Good band. They also said, "I have learned that depression is when our eyes are on ourselves." Another true quote, at least for the mildly depressed. This is an update: I'm set to shoot a movie (the biggest one yet!) this June with Elliott Barker of Deep Grey Productions. I wrote and am co-directing it with him. We're in the pre-production process: casting, location scouting and most importantly -- fund raising! If you stumble across this blog, or even read it on purpose, please go to and donate. Or at least tell all your friends to go there, because we need a little more money lest no movie gets shot! I'll keep this one short, although I have plenty to say. Thanks for your help all!