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Homeland Security

Here is the first sermon in a series about Heaven by Judah Smith. It's based off of John 3 , where Jesus has a conversation with a Pharisee named Nicodemus. In it, Jesus says, " No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man." Judah points out that Jesus was the only One who lived on earth after being in heaven, and the series is about what life in that context would be like, and what would happen if we adopted it. I'm really excited to share this series. It has profoundly changed so much in my life. There are so many great things said here - too many to write down; so I definitely encourage a listen:  John 3 Jesus says He is the first to live on the earth, after He has existed in Heaven (verse 13) This must have changed the way Jesus lived His life And would change our way of life profoundly if we could have this mindset Hebrews 11 - People who, by faith, looked forward to a home beyond this earth. We are j

Something cool happened today...

I was working on my car, which is never something I like to do. People often tell me they can't imagine what I'm like when I'm angry. I tell them there's a few things that'll do it: traffic, parking, not being able to land a skateboard trick I know I can land, and working on cars. So today I set out to change the rear hub assembly on my '97 Honda. I looked up a video of how to do it on YouTube and the whole thing took less than ten minutes. From years of experience, I know that's not going to be the case for me, but I was hopeful. Almost immediately I ran into an issue trying to get the drum off. This is when the cool thing happened. There are two little holes where you can screw something in the get it unstuck -- a brilliant design when usually cars manufacturers build cars as if they will never break, or parts as if they will never get stuck -- the only bad part is that I literally could not find any screw that fit the threads. I even unscrewed the whe