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A friend told me yesterday that weakness is a choice... How true.

Emery Rediscovered

I used to be a huge Emery fan, ranking them probably at number 3 or 4 in my top five bands. Their CD "The Question" is still incredible, featuring fantastic songs like this one: "The Question" is a complete album -- from start to finish it just feels solid -- and these are my favorite albums to listen to. Another example of what I'd call a "complete" album is House of Heroes' "The End is Not the End." Check that one'll blow your mind. Emery followed up "The Question" with "I'm Only a Man," which dealt a lot with struggles men of my parent's generation go through. I'm not exactly sure what Emery was saying with that album (sometimes it seems they excuse a lot of the failures that that generation is becoming known for), but it still got me through a tough time where I became disillusioned with my father's generation. Maybe that's why I like the album so much...good stories that are rel


I recently had a conversation with some friends about selfishness... I was a bit surprised, but also not so much so, that they unanimously agreed that selfishness and looking out for yourself is the best way to live. I think Katt Williams based a stand up show on the same concept with something like, "You gotta look out for the number one pimp" (couldn't find a direct quote for that). I couldn't think of much to say in rebuttal that didn't draw a direct reference from the Bible, and seeing as the Bible wasn't necessarily a trusted source with these guys, I chose not to. A friend reminded me today, though, that the Bible is a source just like any other, and I should never be afraid to use it. It's true, and I regret it. Never be afraid to drop some truth on people, right? However, something that did pop in my mind, that I wish I had mentioned, was the amount of devastation I've seen selfishness do to families all over the country in the past few y