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When God Interrupts

I try to start each day with some time with God. Usually, this is reading the bible or a devotional-type book, but sometimes it's writing down prayers for my kids or going on a prayer walk. It was something I was really disciplined about in my youth, but got away from about a decade ago. However, in recent years, I've been trying to reclaim that discipline and make it a habit, and it's been really good to do so. But then there are days when I just want to rest, and so I don't do anything. Today was my day off and so I sat down for breakfast after the kids had gone to school and decided to watch TV. I just wanted to relax and turn my brain off, which isn't a bad thing. Well, whether or not my brain was off, the TV turned on but the Firestick inexplicably wouldn't, so after a little hesitation, I decided this was my signal to do my devotional time instead of watch (God interrupts us in ways like this sometimes). Like I said, my time with God isn't always the s