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If my calendar could talk...

I have a calendar on my desk at work. I listen to a lot of sermons and have a lot of thoughts throughout the day, so I usually write them down on my calendar. I used to use sticky notes, but decided it would be more environmentally friendly since this big piece of paper is in front of me all day anyway, and blankly ripe for writing. At the end of the month, I write down all of the worthwhile stuff in a little notebook, and this month's seemed particularly good because I have been listening to a lot of sermons on manhood. Here's some of the stuff: Manhood = we will see, we will act. We are strong for one reason: to give it up for something greater than ourselves. Women's magazines have so many things for them to be doing all the time (how to cook, how to lose 10 pounds by Friday, how to please your man in bed). The reason is because women are so devalued in society, so they either have to do everything to have purpose, or they have to become sexual creatures. We need