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Ryan's Roses

I'll admit it: I've been on a bit of a Top-40 kick lately, which means whenever my CD player doesn't work or I get tired of the CD's I have in my car (I won't lie, sometimes I even turn to it on purpose...), I will listen to the two Top-40 stations saved on my radio buttons. Because we're in Los Angeles, one of them is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, which is a big step from Two-Girls-and-a-Guy on 95SX back home. Every once in a while, he does this thing called Ryan's Roses where he calls up a dude who is suspected of cheating by his girlfriend/wife. They call him and tell him he's received a dozen free roses, asking him where he wants them delivered, to whom and what he wants the card to say. If the guy gives him to his lady, then he's probably not cheating, but if he gives them to someone else, he probably is. Yesterday I was listening and this is the first time I've ever actually heard the Ryan's Roses thing, although I've heard abou