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The Real December

I wrote my last month's post and titled it for December, but it was actually for bad yo. December was fun and Christmas was great! Katie and I did so many Christmas-y things. Here are things I learned in December: How Focused is Your Ministry Strategy? (Christian Surfers Conference) Mission: make disciples who can make disciples (the Great Commission) Have a laser focus on this Motive: love God and love people (the Great Commandment) Model: Jesus - Luke 6:40 Means: Holy Spirit Power (an acronym from last month's post) Method: 4 challenges of Jesus Come and See (John 1): for seekers - just show up! Jesus used scriptures to explain why He was the Messiah Follow Me: for believers - Jesus invested in a few. New believers just need love. Follow Me, I'll make you fishers of me: Train a few to reach the masses Jesus took his disciples on 6 mission trips These people need to experience God working through them This is where the church fail