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Mourning September

Anyone ever heard of that band (Mourning September)? They had a song on The Effect Radio that I thought was awesome, so I bought the CD, only to discover that the rest of the CD sounded different, and not in a good way. It was a pretty monotonous CD, except for this one song, which was their single:  Brings me back to my emo days... September flew by. I was hoping that the end of summer would lead to a less-busy year, but not so! It was here and over before I knew it. Being busy is both a blessing and a curse...I'm busy because I have lots of things to do with lots of friends, but when you're busy, time flies by way too fast. I want to find that balance between being busy for the right reasons and resting. It's October now, which is my favorite month as far as the weather goes. Let's hope it moves a little more slowly than this year so far. Here are my notes from September's desk calendar: "Deep-fried Twinkies are an abomination agains