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Heat vs. Passion

Growing up as a skateboarder in coastal South Carolina, I'm no stranger to heat. Somehow I would skate for hours in 90-degree weather, with a humidity in about the same percentile. I was just younger then I guess, but somehow I avoided a heat stroke time and time again.  Some time ago, I had to run an errand to Bellflower, where they have a skatepark I used to love visiting when I had had work there about once a month in 2014-2016. They have a unique mini-bowl with a slope that dumps into a head-high deep end, with carving corners on the way, as well as a dated, but still fun, street course. I haven't visited this park since 2016, but nothing has changed (except the playground across the parking lot has become a lot nicer). This neglected skatepark is off of a bike path and surrounded by coarse, dry dirt, somewhat ironically juxtaposed to lush green grass from the playground on one side, and a golf course across the concrete river on the other. Still, no one really needs a c