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Year in Review

Happy New Year! Music for me feels like a snowball that started off pretty small about eight years ago, and has slowly been growing as it rolls down the hill. I think 2022 saw the most "snow collected" so far, which I thought I'd share here. It started off with my family set to move to China for my wife's job, which was eventually squelched by Omicron, resulting in a collapse of the whole situation after six months of working towards it. I released "Two Palm Trees," a single produced by my friend Noel Molenda , which tied into the whole saga in many ways. ( You can read more about that story here. ) Later in the year, I released a music video for the single:   Shortly after that, I was contacted by an agent at the Jackson Agency , who was looking for artists for his new branch, the Wright Music Division . This came through a connection of a connection, and was something I had submitted for quite a while before that, sometime during the pandemic. To be hon