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Skateboarding as Art

I had a professor once tell me that  art is making something out of nothing . If that's true, skateboarders are the best artists around. Here's why: I've walked past this empty parking lot dozens of times, and every time I think to myself, "I need to skate that." Why?! It's just an empty parking lot! Maybe to a typical bystander, but to a skateboarder, even an empty parking lot is full of possibilities. A curb, a ledge, a handrail; stairs, loading docks,'s all fair game to a skateboarder, not just as an obstacle, but as a platform for  creative thought in action . Many skaters feel that the way they skate is self-expression, because one skater can see a ledge and think one trick, while another will think of something entirely different. It's all open, and up to interpretation, combined with ability and practice. The end result is something normal transformed into something special, which is always valuable to humanity, and often hard to c