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Five Iron Frenzy and something lost...

Today, while at work, I listened to a recording of the last Five Iron Frenzy concert I ever saw, which was in Jacksonville, Florida on their Winners Never Quit farewell tour. It was a great trip I got to share with Jason Epstein, his mom and Jessie Rumph. We skated Kona (the greatest skatepark I've ever been to) and a smaller park that was very awesome as well. We also listened to Slick Shoes' "Far From Nowhere" right before our tire went flat and Jacksonville's highway patrol happened to drive by and help re-inflate it for us. Thanks Jacksonville! Here's a video of Five Iron Frenzy's "Every New Day" from their last show ever. In my Jacksonville recording, Reese Roper gives a great explanation of the song before they perform it; and afterwards everyone sings "I Love You Lord" and "As the Deer Panteth for the Water." Then, people in the crowd began to pray for FIF. As I listened to the recording, I was taken back to that p