Electronic Press Kit for Rick Bickerstaff, Songwriter and Music Producer


Rick began playing music on a borrowed viola that was too big for him, stored in an old peeling case that kids used to make fun of. Still, the instrument carried him into middle and high school laying the classical foundation that still serves him today, along with instilling a sense of making the best with what you have and not worrying too much about what others think of you. Picking up the electric guitar on a terrible-sounding (but very rad) flying-V that his uncle gave him, Rick started writing songs when he saw a girl he liked at the local fair holding hands with another boy in high school. What ensued was his first instance of start-to-finish songwriting that incorporated story, comedy and truth all in one piece, traits he loves to still incorporate into his songs.

Adding drums and bass to his repertoire, Rick continued to write songs, later joining Campfield after college where he developed skills in live performance. An interest in filmmaking carried him to Los Angeles, where he wrote and directed several films, almost always composing the music for them himself, as well as contributing to others projects.

Rick started Yonder Breaks in 2016 to share his personal music, picking up several more instruments, and also learning to record under the tutelage of friends who were professionals in the industry. In 2020, he honed his skills in production and mixing, releasing self-produced material for the first time. Two years later, he signed with The Jackson Agency's brand new Wright Music Division, producing over thirty songs during his first year with the agency, some of which have been released under the monikers Yonder Breaks, peanutsplendor and Rick Reckons.


Complete library can be found here.


As a songwriter...

"Lifestyle music for the peaceful...a bright and retro feeling song. Weightless, instant classic, easily the trailer song for a heartfelt indie movie." (Jennica Schwartzman on "Eleanor Means Light," The Drill Mag)

As a performer...

"Rick's music is filled with joy, depth, humor and wit. his songs are the perfect compliment to any night out -- and he has so much fun onstage, you'll be inspired to pick up a guitar yourself." (Betsi Freeman, Betsi Freeman Booking)

As a producer...

"Rick is highly collaborative, giving clear feedback while remaining open to my artistic vision. He suggests good avenues to make that vision come about. I have been very happy with Rick's production, as have my listeners." (Tim Langeloh, Whisp)

As a collaborator... 

"Not only a chill dude that brings a sense of calmness to set, but also one guy down to put himself through some crazy stunts for his art." (Nico Fernandez, Singer-Songwriter)