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Addicted to Multitasking

I have a confession...I think I'm addicted to multitasking. It all started years ago, while in college I believe, or maybe even high school. I was told multitasking was a valuable asset, something potential employers look for, leading to an overall more productive life. And in today's competitive world, you have to do everything possible to get ahead. So I dove in, learning to do many things at once. It didn't take long to pick up and even less time to make it habitual. Productivity feels good, right? And isn't that what life is all about anyway -- maximum output? Soon I was discontent if I  wasn't  multitasking. To focus singularly on any one thing was wasted potential, using only a portion of my abilities and time. What good was writing a paper if I couldn't also be checking emails? What good was answering emails if I couldn't also be listening to music? What good was listening to music unless I was choosing songs for my next video project? It even