Surfing and spirituality go together like the ocean -- water essential for life combined with the salt that heals and invigorates. Most surfers have a transcendence about them, and how could we not, spending so much time enjoying part of something much, much bigger than ourselves? Our passion is dependent on the swells of nature, and as little specs in the grand scope of the ocean, we have insight into our humble place in the universe.
But even though we are aware of our dependency and size, we sit patiently, gazing at open ocean and a skyline that represents the pursuit of something more. The coming swell, a new break. Personal discovery, finding God. Whatever it is, we are familiar with both aspiration and contentment -- all in balance -- the same balance we need to perform the sport we love.
This journey is rarely done alone, and so this site is about sharing ideas that inspire -- to search and to surf. This is Yonder Breaks.

About the writer
Rick Bickerstaff grew up in the coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina, skating, surfing and snowboarding whenever he got the chance. As high school dawned, skating and making skate videos dominated his time, along with a musical endeavor or two. Fast forward several years, and this love for media turned into career goals and aspirations that led Rick to Los Angeles, California. Spending the last few years in one of the few places where you can surf, skateboard and snowboard in a single day (which he has done twice so far), Rick discovered a deeper love for the root board-sport of surfing than he previously realized. Now he spends his time writing about the sports he loves, as well as narrative pieces and music.

Spiritually, Rick grew up in a Christian household, but didn't really take ownership of his faith until the year 2000. While attending a Christian music festival with his friends' church, there was a public call for people to devote their lives to following Jesus Christ, which Rick answered. Since then, it has been a journey of growth as life and love jostled him around in the every-man's search for something more. He attended Charleston Southern University, earning a BA in Communication with a minor in Religion, as well as volunteered at several churches in various positions, ranging from parking attendant to leading small groups. Subscribe to the blog to see what Rick is learning now, and join him in the journey!


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