Photo by Kimberly Krauk
God is a creator, and so I think that some of us are driven to be creative as an inherent response to what was placed in our nature. This tendency looks different for everyone, but for me it manifested itself in music, movies and writing.

I first started writing music while in a punk band in high school. (So original, right?) My first song was about girl from church youth group that I liked that I saw holding hands with another boy at the county fair...tragic. But it sparked in me a way to convey feelings and ideas through a medium that shakes the soul, invokes action and buries itself in the mind. Keep an eye on the Music page, as I am constantly writing and producing songs, all of which end up displayed there.

Photo by Sean Powers (@catchingmercy)
Movies came later, initially through skateboarding. My love for action sports reaches farther back into my history to a time when (I am only slightly ashamed to admit) I wanted to be a professional rollerblader. Skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding followed as I found a home in pursuing fun and advancement in all three. I started making skate videos with some of my band mates, which later included a narrative story interspersed with skateboarding. The thrill of telling a story that could make people laugh, while also showing off our progression in my favorite sports, grabbed my heart and sparked in me a desire to pursue filmmaking professionally. The decision led me to Los Angeles, where my love for surfing increased all the more. Of course, music always made its way into the films, and so the three became tied together.

Photo by Katie Bickerstaff
Of all the things involved in making a movie, writing floated to the surface as my favorite part, and so it became my focus (as much as a guy like me can focus). While honing my skills as a screenwriter, I answered an ad for a blogging job, and soon began writing for StoreYourBoard.com -- again combining several loves into one. The experience led me to starting my own website, and thus YonderBreaks.com was born as a way to share these passions with the world.

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