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In Shape to Shred!

I'll say it outright: I don't like to work out. That's one reason I love surfing and skateboarding -- they're sports that are both fun and good exercise. But when I paddle out a quarter-mile to make it to the break, or skate a few miles to the park, and at the end I'm out of breath and out of energy...something is wrong. Maybe just surfing and skating isn't enough to do the sports I love well? Every athlete conditions for his or her respective sport, and so it only makes sense that we should too. Here are a some conventional (and a little unconventional) ways to get in shape to shred. Core Strength:  Your core is essential to balance, which is essential to boardsports. Good ways to work out your core are yoga, planks, pushups, v-sits and supermans. Having a medicine ball helps, or you could just use a skateboard like my friend Kyle does in the Skatercise video below: Anaerobic Exercise:  Anaerobic is about high-intensity exertion for a short amount of