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Meant to be Shared

I've always had this problem when I'm on the cusp of landing new trick, that I keep imagining what it will be like to tell my friends that I landed it. It goes way back to high school, skating my little fun box in the driveway or just trying some flatland trick. It was as if half of the excitement of learning something new was found in telling someone else that you did it, going to school with a, "Guess what I landed last night, guys!" But even back then it felt kind of selfish or like I was acting like a show-off. Was I just bragging, or did I really just want to share something I was excited about? I usually decided on the first one and fought those feelings, as if they weren't a noble enough reason to land a skate trick. Here is a clip from our earliest edited skate video, with homemade ramps in my driveway. Nowadays, this feeling is more about what my Instagram post going to look like, which I'm a little ashamed to admit. Sometimes I'll st