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New Merchandise!

Hey there folks! I got into making merch back in 2019 after releasing my first EP because...well, it's fun! It sometimes feels silly having merchandise as an emerging artists, but I love dreaming up t-shirts and working with artists to make them happen, so here you go. Personally, I wear quite a few Yonder Breaks shirts, and tend to get quite a few compliments on this one, which I call Ellie the Elephant: Pink is Ellie's favorite color, of course. It was designed by my good friend (and skateboard sponsor ) Josh Moreno , who is an excellent designer and illustrator. Well, spurred on by compliments (as we often are), I decided to relaunch the merch store through Represent , as well as include a few designs I never released, or that were only available in limited runs. (Limited runs? No more of that! You can order 1,000 of these shirts if you want! Go ahead, I dare you...) Also, on each page is a link to a video that is related to the product. Everything needs to connect, you know


I was doing dishes the other day and my daughter Waverly, who is pretty attached to me most of the time (I call her my shadow), was hovering behind. We were having a discussion with Ellie, our oldest daughter, about how sometimes one daughter will get one thing and one get something different, but sometimes the split ends up not being fair. (The situation in question was that I gave Waverly a cookie because she was with me, while Ellie was on the phone with a friend. Since she was beside me, and I wanted a cookie, she got one too.) I tell them all the time that life isn't fair, but that that statement is a double-sided coin: sometimes it's not fair in that you  get the benefit over someone else, as is often the case with living in America. Anyway, that's another blog post... In a sweet moment, Waverly, relishing in her gain, said, "Daddy, can we go on a special trip together, just you and me?"  My heart warmed, I replied, "Sure. Where do you want to go?"