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Albums that Heal

If you're like me, you still listen to albums. Full albums, not pieces of albums shuffled together (I still shuffle too; no judging). There is just something about a succession of songs in the order the artist intended for them to be in that tells a story, has an arc, creates a feeling that one song just can't accomplish. And sometimes, one of these albums speaks to you in a way that really connects with your life -- like the artist just lived what you are living right now, and gave you this great accompaniment to make it a richer experience. This could be something as light as an album that makes you feel like you're  riding to the beach  with the windows down; or it could be heavy, like therapy on a cloudy day in an even cloudier part of life. The first time this happened to me in a memorable way was  Emery 's  I'm Only a Man . It's an album about sin and shortcomings relevant to humanity. Divorce, abortion, infidelity, even murder -- from both sides of