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Happy Christmas - Here's New Music!

Hey everyone, I wanted to share some new songs that all came out last weekend, just in time for the Christmas season! First up is "Seeds," the newest Yonder Breaks single. This one started as a request from Betsi Freeman Booking to donate a song to Seed Capital Network , an organization that provides loans to small businesses in developing countries. Instead of just offering one of my old songs for the compilation album, I thought I'd write something new! It's a simple tune, but so is giving, if you let it be. I like the way it turned out and asked if I could release it before the compilation is ready, which Betsi happily complied.  It's got a nice and easy beachy beat, with layered guitars and a simple melody. I like the dynamics of this one and the way the harmonies landed, as well as the climax after the bridge into the instrumental at the end. I hope you enjoy it, and also encourage you to look into Seed Capital Network for yourself! Amazon Music Apple Music