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Egg Nog and God

It's Christmas! Which means a season rich with traditions, responsibilities and fun, unique to each family and individual. For me, it all starts (before Thanksgiving I might add...) with two things: Christmas music and egg nog. And this year, as I was consuming that magical elixir of the holiday season, I examined my egg nog drinking habits and a thought occurred.... Egg nog is terrible for you. Everyone knows it. They try to help by making "low fat" egg nog, but it tastes like nothing more than holiday horchata. So in an effort to stay mildly healthy, instead of drinking a large portion of nog for dessert, when its saturated fat will bloat in my stomach overnight, I take it in little portions: a little in my coffee, maybe a sip after lunch or mixed with milk later. It's a bit healthier and spreads the delight throughout the day. And that's when the thought hit me -- taking in something as awesome as egg nog in smaller portions is a good way to take in God.

Surfing Trestles

My first full summer in Southern California, a friend told me about a mystical and elusive spot known as  Trestles , at least that's how it sounded to me at the time. Somewhere in San Celemente, CA, you had to walk a long path through the bush to get to the rocky, but worthwhile break with amazingly long rides that my informant claimed was where he learned to pump. Sounds good to me! I've been, and it lives up to the legend (minus the mythical and elusive part), so I thought I would provide some tips in case you want to visit this famous surf spot. 1. It's a long hike to the break, so bring a bike or skateboard.  In actuality, it's not too terribly long, though it's definitely more than the usual parking lot-to-the-sand walk you might be used to. Plus, you want to save all your energy for the fantastic waves you are about to surf. Bikes, boards, bags. All good for Trestles. 2. Trestles is a rock break, so bring your booties if you have them . On my l