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All songs performed as Yonder Breaks unless otherwise noted. 
Songs by other artists are written/co-written and/or produced by Rick Bickerstaff.
For licensing inquiries, please contact Kareen Wright of the Jackson Agency.

Song Genre Track Keywords Alt. Versions
All In (by Whisp) Rock, Blues poker, cards, shark, roots, banjo Instrumental
Better Together (by Channel4) Folk, Pop friends, family, upbeat, honest, harmony Instrumental
Big Win! (by peanutsplendor) Funk, Pop upbeat, groove, sports, fan, jam Instrumental, Choir Mix
Build Me Up Buttercup (Cover) Beach, Folk heartbreak, The Foundations, gentle, love Instrumental
Christmas Rain Country, Holiday heartbreak, love, tragic, Christmas, folk Instrumental, Choir Mix
Do You Love Me? (On Christmas Eve) (by peanutsplendor) Pop Rock, Holiday love, Christmas, pop punk, romance, party Instrumental
Eleanor Means Light Folk, Singer-Songwriter acoustic, encouraging, child, gentle Instrumental
First Song for Waverly Beach, Folk light, groove, fun, love, kids, honest, father, child Instrumental
Forever Flow Folk Rock, Pop upbeat, drums, uplifting, worship, driving Instrumental, Choir Mix
Golden Coast Summertime Reggae, Pop upbeat, party, surf, fun Instrumental
Green Goes White Holiday, Folk love song, romance, seasons Instrumental, Choir Mix
The Hardest Part Alternative, Emo moody, breakup, love, heartbreak, longing Instrumental
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Folk, Holiday Christmas, classic, harmonica Instrumental, Choir Mix, A Capella, Acoustic
Heavy Rain Folk, Roots dark, alternative, country, broody Instrumental, Downtempo
Heavy Rain (Downtempo) Electronic, Folk electronic, dark, broody, bass Instrumental
Holiday Pie Holiday, Bluegrass folk, banjo, harmonica, romp, clap, fun Instrumental, Choir Mix
I Fall to Pieces (Cover) Country, Folk western, Patsy Cline, banjo, heartbreak Instrumental, Choir Mix
I Will Spend (Jar of M&Ms) Folk, Country romance, love, story, easy going, sweet, full band Instrumental
I'm in Awe Folk, Singer-Songwriter romance, love song, story song, gentle, piano, wedding Instrumental, Choir Mix
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Folk, Holiday Christmas, classic, gentle, banjo Instrumental, Choir Mix, A Capella
It's Less About (by Triumph of the Skies) Ska, Reggae ska, horns, reggae, beat, freestyle, settled Instrumental, Choir Mix
It's That Feeling (by peanutsplendor) Pop, Holiday Christmas, upbeat, happy, bouncy, joyful Instrumental, Choir Mix
Like a Song Folk, Beach upbeat, percussive, uplifting, childlike, fun Instrumental, Choir Mix
Lonesome Whistle (Cover) Country, Western Hank Williams, harmonica, train, longing, jail Instrumental
Long Way Home (Cover) Country, Reggae Tom Waits, western, train, home Instrumental, Choir Mix
Love Like That Singer-Songwriter, Folk love song, honoring, marriage, strong, gentle Instrumental, Choir Mix
Money Ain't Nothin' Country, Folk bluegrass, fiddle, banjo, cheeky Instrumental, Choir Mix
The Monsters Are Sleeping (by Eletist) Alternative, Pop slow, low, questioning, inquisitive, doowop Instrumental, Choir Mix
More Beautiful Folk, Pop love song, beauty, wedding, dating, light, playful Instrumental, Choir Mix
Mr. Inquisitive (by Rick Reckons) Instrumental, Folk upbeat, playful, percussive, fanciful, pop
O Come All Ye Faithful Folk, Holiday Christmas, classic, upbeat, tamborine Instrumental, A Capella
See That Light Shine Folk, Country banjo, harmonica, retrospective, story, struggle Instrumental, Radio Edit
The Slow Climb (by Rick Reckons) Instrumental crescendo, take off, airline, piano, epic, flight Instrumental
Stein (by Whisp) Country, Roots outlaw country, guitar, slide, rock, stomp, clap Instrumental
Summer Nights in Charleston Singer-Songwriter, Folk light, ukelele, retrospective, summer, romance Instrumental
That First Mixtape (feat. Nico Fernandez) EDM, Pop upbeat, dance, love story, retrospective, fun Instrumental
This Life of Us Country, Western folk, fatherhood, marriage, whistle, trumpet Instrumental, Choir Mix
Through the Years (Pura Vida) Singer-Songwriter, Folk light, retrospective, love, romance, gentle Instrumental
Together (We Both Win) (by peanutsplendor) Funk, Pop dance, romance, love, upbeat, bass line Instrumental, Choir Mix, Lead Instrumental
Too Hot for Christmas Holiday, Folk bluegrass, harmonica, fun, satire, banjo Instrumental, Choir Mix
Two Palm Trees Alternative, Folk Rock drums, mission, life, dreams, pop rock Instrumental
Wake Me Up With Your Lips Rock, Pop electronic, guitar, horns, love song, upbeat Instrumental, Choir Mix
Walkin' (by The Bickerband) Family Folk light, fun, childlike, growing up, upbeat Instrumental, Family
Walkin' After Midnight (Cover) Country, Western Patsy Cline, female vocals, shuffle, drums, guitar Instrumental, Choir Mix
We're Back! (by peanutsplendor, feat. The Bickerband) Dance, Funk dance, party, comeback, fun, family Lead Inst., Male Vocal, Family Ver., Inst., Choir Mix
The Weight of You Alternative dark, moody, building, edgy, electronic, bass Instrumental, Beat Mix
The Weight of You (Beat Mix) Electronic dark, alternative, moody, edgy, electronic drums Instrumental
You Were Always the One Singer-Songwriter, Folk romance, apology, love, acoustic, story Instrumental, Choir Mix
You've Got an Edge Electronic, Alternative drums, friendship, latin beat, horns, keys Instrumental
Your Light Folk, Rock precussive, struggle, honesty, hope Instrumental