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Here Are Some Covers - Out Now!

My newest EP, Here Are Some Covers , is out now! This one has been a long time coming. Over a year ago, I noticed that the dramatic shows my wife was watching (mostly Grey's Anatomy) would use cover songs in the shows, most likely to get a recognizable song for cheaper. I thought, maybe I should try my hand at that... , and started recording some cover songs that I regularly played in my sets. Here's one from 2019 that made it onto the album: I grew up listening to a lot of classic country/western with my grandfather, and so I knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of that into this one; but I also had a few other songs from lesser-known bands that I liked to play, plus a song I had recorded with my oldest daughter Eleanor that I thought would be fun to release.  However, the project was interrupted when I signed on with The Wright Music Division of The Jackson Agency earlier this year (that's a good interruption!), and I found myself writing songs to pitch to TV shows. I als