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And in January...

I know that every month I do this, and it's probably jumbley and overwhelming, but a lot of the reason I write these is for myself. I don't usually revisit journals, so this is a way of taking notes on important things that I will hopefully check again some day. Of course my hope is that you are blessed by it too, and also that you check out these awesome sermons I've been listening to. These are all from this series , which I haven't finished yet. It's probably the best stuff I've found on that particular website . All by Gene Warr.   People often measure their Christianity by what they do not do, but love always finds a way of expressing itself. Loving God begins with an act of the will. God is more concerned with availability than ability. The reason more people aren't drawn to Christ is becasue people don't see Him as He is, but a character of Him in us. The fruit of the Spirit is love, the first word in the list - all the others are for