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It's a strange time to be alive, isn't it? A volatile election season amidst a pandemic, not to mention continued effects of climate change and racial tensions the likes of which we haven't seen since the 1960s. It is no secret that we are all affected by these things, and all of it seems to polarize people one way or the other. This election season I had the enlightening privilege of living in both liberal and conservative regions at the height of campaigning -- Los Angeles and two cities in The South. My biggest takeaway: so much of what we believe is based on perspective . And our perspectives are dependent on a host of factors, region being just one of them, but an influential one at that. You already know which regions promoted which party, but something I was reminded of through listening to both sides, is that there are usually good reasons people believe what they do. When we forget that simple fact, it becomes a lot easier to villainize whoever believes differentl