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Know Thy Refrigerator

I woke up this morning to a puddle around my refrigerator. At first, Katie and I thought it was broken (or at least I did). Turns out, something pressed in the spout on our Brita filter and the water leaked out everywhere. At least it was filtered water that I found all over our floor -- maybe it's cleaner now... Anyway, in my clean up, I learned that the shelves in the door of our refrigerator are removable! It got me thinking about how refrigerators aren't the kind of thing we really explore when we get one, so we don't even know what we have. It's not like a new car where you drive it and try to find every cup holder or figure out how to fold down the seats in three different configurations (Honda Fits are amazing...). Or like a new camera with fifteen different picture settings. Or even a washer/drew where you always wonder what would happen if you try Permanent Press. Which reminds me, I have to go change my laundry. Excuse me... Resuming this a day later...any