In addition to blogging, I write long-form pieces. Here are pitches and samples for my first two books, for which I am currently seeking representation/publishing.


Working Title: Return to Rockview
Genre: Narrative fiction, Americana
Word Count: 90,000
Description: Think of anyone who has ever mentored you -- the sum of all their successes and failures amounting to a life worth sharing, making your life that much richer. But what happens when your mentor’s life scale tips towards the “failure” side a little too heavily? This is unfortunately true for Guy Frankel, who unintentionally strikes up a mentor relationship with his golf caddie, Al; you know, the one he hired just to make the guys at the municipal course jealous...

Still, the relationship breathes life and purpose into Guy, who after twelve failed exits from the small town he always hated (but somehow always returns to), is feeling as lost as ever. The monotony fades even more when he runs into Cathy, an old acquaintance who also hates Rockview, though she herself never left. As they fall for each other, the suburban life with its modest house and a minivan full of kids begins to appeal to the previously cynical Guy. On top of that, his relationship with Al sets him on a course of self-discovery, ultimately leading to a found purpose helping the many lost souls of the very place he always avoided.

But when Guy’s past meanderings inspire Cathy’s wandering heart to leave Rockview, he is faced with a decision: Follow the woman he loves out of this town, or embrace the fulfillment he now finds mentoring youth in the city he always hated.

Sample Chapter:

Working Title: All Roads Lead to Dockweiler
Genre: Non-fiction
Word Count: 41,000
Description: Everyone knows Los Angeles is a tough town, full of cutthroat executives living alongside an influx of dreamers that will do anything for their careers. L.A. can either make or break you...actually, even if it makes you there’s a good chance some breaking will still be involved. But as every surfer knows, a good break can be a wonderful thing, which is a title I unexpectedly adopted when I moved to the City of Angels to pursue a career in film. As the harsh reality of life in a big city and the overwhelming entertainment industry hit me like an overhead wave, what I found instead of the fulfillment of my dreams was nothing short of solace on the seashore.

ALL ROADS LEAD TO DOCKWEILER is the story of this na├»ve Southerner's exploration in one of America's biggest cities, falling in love with a sport I was well acquainted with, but had never taken the time to adore. It carried me through wavering career choices, a fresh marriage, young fatherhood and ultimately an abandonment of the West for something more familiar. But what happens when your new love is gone, and you are left with little to satisfy your wandering heart? Life is never quite what we expect, and the journey of this dreamer finding hope on and off the water is certainly no exception.
Sample Chapter: