Ryan's Roses

I'll admit it: I've been on a bit of a Top-40 kick lately, which means whenever my CD player doesn't work or I get tired of the CD's I have in my car (I won't lie, sometimes I even turn to it on purpose...), I will listen to the two Top-40 stations saved on my radio buttons. Because we're in Los Angeles, one of them is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, which is a big step from Two-Girls-and-a-Guy on 95SX back home.

Every once in a while, he does this thing called Ryan's Roses where he calls up a dude who is suspected of cheating by his girlfriend/wife. They call him and tell him he's received a dozen free roses, asking him where he wants them delivered, to whom and what he wants the card to say. If the guy gives him to his lady, then he's probably not cheating, but if he gives them to someone else, he probably is.

Yesterday I was listening and this is the first time I've ever actually heard the Ryan's Roses thing, although I've heard about it before. This lady suspected her husband of cheating with a co-worker, Kelly, because they both had the same necklace, given to her by her husband. At a work party, the wife asked Kelly about it in friendly conversation, but she quickly became awkward and told her it was a Valentine's Day present and then changed the subject. The wife also found the credit card bill was a little over twice the price for one necklace, so she suspected he was cheating with Kelly, or at least got her the necklace.

So I got the story and then the wife gave Ryan permission to call in a fearful voice. As they dialed and the phone rang, I became very nervous. It was so strange to me that half of Los Angeles was listening to what could potentially be the beginnings of the end to this marriage. What's worse is that I think it is supposed to be entertaining! Not for me (although I didn't turn the station so maybe that makes me guilty of something) -- maybe it was because I was there when my mother went through so many of the same emotions this lady was feeling. Either way, I was incredibly nervous; my head spinning as I drove down the 110 freeway.

The phone rang, he picked up. He found it odd that he won these roses, but went along with it anyway. The tension rose as they asked who he would give it to. He asked if it could be sent to the office. They said, no it had to be to a person. He thought, and then said...Kelly.

My heart sank! This poor lady! Listening to the most important relationship in her life crash and burn on live radio! They asked for a message for Kelly and he said, "Thanks for the good times." After that, Ryan came on and confronted him. Then the wife chimed in. It was chaos as he made up excuses and Ryan mediated. They attacked him with claims concerning the necklace. He said it costs $1400! They said it was only $600 and looked it up online. They asked why he gave the roses to Kelly and not his wife. He said she did a good job and their sales were up. The wife told him to get his story straight and that she was heading down there, then she hung up. The husband said, "I don't even know you people. What is going on here?" and then hung up.

I was so disturbed by this, and still don't know how I feel about it. Yeah, the husband was cheating or at least heading in that direction. But should it come out on what is probably the biggest radio show in the country? I don't know. Probably not. Still, I listened to a marriage crumble during my drive to work -- what a way to start the day, huh?