Response to "Mercy and Justice"

I just listened to this amazing sermon from Christine Caine at Seacoast Church. She heads up A21, an organization that is working to totally end human trafficking by the end of the 21st century. She has some really, really incredible things to say. Usually I write good quotes from sermons down, but she said too many and too quickly so I wasn't able to write down much. Just do yourself a favor and listen.

This is especially poignant because I was at a friend's community group meeting last night and we prayed for God to "light a fire under my butt." This prayer is birthed out of a conversation with a coworker that made me realize I'm not living a life that proves God is real. I hear stories about people who do, and it's amazing, but I want that for my self and for my family.

 I feel like God is doing something awesome here...

"Doubt dies unborn if it's never spoken."