Knock - Greg Surratt

For the last installment of the "Breakthrough" series about prayer at Seacoast, Greg spoke heavily on praying for others and on behalf of others. He bases the sermon on Genesis 25:21 - "Isaac pleaded with the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The LORD answered Isaac's prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant with twins."

There's some great stuff here about praying specifically, and with passion. I know in my own life that generic and lifeless prayers abound. My grandmother emphasizes "crying out" to God in "fervent prayer." I doubt many of us do this often; I know I don't. Who knows, maybe adding passion to my prayer-life will make its way into my day-to-day as well...

I've also been hearing a lot lately to pray specifically. Whenever you pray, think about what you're saying. Is it even quantifiable? Some things aren't that are still good to pray for, but it's important to always consider our words (Matthew 6:7).

A couple more takeaways -- Isaac and Rebecca prayed together. Greg talks about how this builds a really strong bond between husband and wife, especially in desperate prayer. Also, God's time is not our time! That's super important and so true, as well as a great thing to remember as we're waiting on God.

Some notes:
  • Isaac was passionate (he "pleaded" with the Lord).
    • Pleading is not whining, but a certainty of heart that God will help with what your heart is breaking for.
  • Prayers should be personal
    • Whatever you need a breakthrough in might be there because God is working on your heart.
    • Be empathetic when praying for others or with others
      • Isaac and Rebecca prayed together
      • Isaac interceded, but she was likely there with him
    • Faith is from the one praying
      • So when you're praying with someone else who may not believe, you are sharing your faith with that person (Jamie Winship teaches a lot about this - do a google search for him and watch!).
  • Prayers need to be specific
    • Beware of generic prayers
    • Be desperate!
  • God is not limited by our timeline