Chicken & Waffle Potato Chips

These just lost the competition for new Lays flavor, but I ate some of these Chicken & Waffle potato chips a couple weeks ago and it was noteworthy:

It's got a strange, and maybe pungent, initial taste. Then, as you swirl the chemical-spice-potato mixture around your mouth, you experience an array of flavors: it's a little syruppy, a little hashbrowny, a little waffly...but definitely not chickeny. I think they somehow failed to capture the chicken flavor in this chip; maybe chicken and waffles was too ambitious for Mr. Lay and his chip-making team of brilliant, yet bored scientists.

Still, it's an experience. I actually still feel like I have yet to pin down the exact flavor I experienced...there's some onion in there, and maybe a little stale ramen popped up at one point. I even thought old marshmallow flavor whisked through my mouth, but it was too fleeting to tell. Either way, no chicken.

However, the after-taste brings you back. It's inexplicable. Maybe there's some nicotine in there somewhere...

Now, on to Sriracha!