Hearing from God

Here is a sermon on hearing from God and sharing your faith, by Jamie Winship.

If I've talked to you about preaching or sermons, I've probably mentioned this guy. He's had a huge impact on my life through his stories and sermons, which always support that we can believe God for big things, and that God speaks to us personally.

Jamie has exemplary  faith, which is one reason I love listening to him so much - it gives me hope to live a life so faithful. In this sermon he says that money is never a good reason to not do anything. My whole life is the opposite though - I've always limited myself with money! It's all over our culture (even Christian culture), and such a difficult thing to break.

What does Jesus say about it though? "These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers all over the world, but your Father already knows your needs." - Luke 12:30 (check out some of the other translations on this one - they're good)

Some notes:
  • Consider your view on life, faith, anything...think about what you're hearing and who you are listening to. Are the things you're hearing from God, or someone else?
  • Without love, anything we say is "clanging cymbals."
    • We say unbelievers don't get it when we share our faith, but sometimes it's our fault!
  • When talking to Muslims, we use words that don't make any sense to them and then get mad when they don't respond.
    • This probably applies to non-believers too - "Christianese"
    • We talk, but we don't listen
  • Mark 4
    • Jesus picks speaking in parables as his way of communicating - why?
      • Why would Jesus pick a way to teach that is not easy to understand?
    • When Jesus speaks, it is one of two things:
    • He says it that way so that the people who don't want to know, can't know
    • How do we perceive and comprehend? By listening.
    • We have the thought and study, but we don't hear and perceive.
      • 4:24 - be careful what you hear...
    • "To those who are peculiarly are his own, he explains everything"
      • Those who ask
    • When Jesus talks in parables to you, don't dismiss it. 
      • Even now, when we ask God things, sometimes He speaks in pictures
    • Pay attention to Jesus' response when his disciples ask him a question, because he might respond in a similar way to us -- the Bible is our guide.
      • Look at verses where they ask Jesus about money and food
    • When you're praying, don't tell God how to answer, ask him.
  • Sharing your faith literally sometimes means lending your faith to someone else, especially if the other person doesn't have any
    • Sharing your faith as you walk together in life
  • Never ask God for 100% and only take 80% 
  • "Money is never a good reason to not do something."


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