Make Room for Rest

Any teaching on rest usually grabs my attention. I feel that resting is so undervalued in our culture, and this sermon by Josh Walters asks some great questions that should get us thinking about the connection between rest and our relationship with God.

While on the subject, I love this website and what they stand for: If we're not careful, it doesn't take long to get sucked into a busy life, filled with technology, advertisements and constant updates on everything you care (and don't care) to know about. Taking a day off is literally essential for our health - we're designed that way, so why fight it?

Jesus often went off to quiet places to pray. I'm sure this is where He rested, recharged and got his direction from God. Shouldn't we do the same?

  • Busyness is not equated with godliness
  • What if my ability to rest would determine the degree to which I could walk in the promises of God?
  • What if how I manage rest is more important than how I manage work?
  • What if my commitment to rhythms of rest has more impact on my long-term fruitfulness, than on how hard I work?
  • The Fruit of the Spirit lacks when we go too long without rest.
  • Culture doesn't support a restful life
  • How do I change my attitude towards rest?
    • Acknowledge God's design
    • If God made us a certain way, we need to abide by His rules to successfully live life to the fullest
      • Fish out of water
    • Refusing to rest is not just a bad idea, but a sin ("the wages of sin is death")
    • "According to His power that is at work within us" - not ours
    • We have to follow God's example
      • God created the world with rhythms of rest - nature is our measure of time
      • God rested