Something cool happened today...

I was working on my car, which is never something I like to do. People often tell me they can't imagine what I'm like when I'm angry. I tell them there's a few things that'll do it: traffic, parking, not being able to land a skateboard trick I know I can land, and working on cars.

So today I set out to change the rear hub assembly on my '97 Honda. I looked up a video of how to do it on YouTube and the whole thing took less than ten minutes. From years of experience, I know that's not going to be the case for me, but I was hopeful.

Almost immediately I ran into an issue trying to get the drum off. This is when the cool thing happened. There are two little holes where you can screw something in the get it unstuck -- a brilliant design when usually cars manufacturers build cars as if they will never break, or parts as if they will never get stuck -- the only bad part is that I literally could not find any screw that fit the threads. I even unscrewed the wheel on my jack because it looked like it would fit, but to no avail.

So after going back and forth several times between banging on the drum with a hammer and screwdriver, and searching for a screw that would fit, I was walking back from the garage and looked at the ground. There's a rusty screw that looks like the same size and thread lying right there -- no way! I pick it up and it fits perfectly! Also, the way it was designed seemed like it was created to do exactly what I wanted it to. How awesome is that?!

Call me crazy, but I attribute that to God. I prayed before I started working on the car and Katie did the same, because we both know how I get when working on cars. Then I find the exact thing I need lying on the ground when I didn't have it. The rest of the job was still tough, but I had an assurance that I'd be able to complete it because God had already provided something for me, which is super encouraging.

So anyway, I thought that was cool enough to share. Hopefully it encourages you! God provides.