Fulfillment at Work

I found this website in a work email, and here is the first talk I listened to, by Simon Sinek about fulfillment in the workplace (a topic I struggle with regularly).


I usually post stuff from churches or Christian organizations, and I'm not sure if this guy is a Christian or not, but I love the principles he sets out. Basically, Simon is spreading the message that selfless giving is the way to transform your work life. Check it out and see what you think:

(the talk is actually only about 25 minutes long, the rest is Q&A, where he still says really good stuff)

  •  If we knew that our companies would go to great lengths for us, maybe we would do the same for our companies
  • Fulfillment comes from doing something for someone else
    • Requires time and energy
    • Doing good for others inspires others to do good for others
  • Vulnerability and risk: the people you help might not reciprocate
  • You have to have self-confidence before you can help others
    • When we feel confident, we naturally help others
    • Other people (managers, teachers) are responsible for infusing confidence in us by letting us fail, and then helping us get up
  • In the military, soldiers are given medals for sacrificing themselves so others may gain. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others so they may gain.
  • Little things we do inspire others to do good things for even more
    • Time and energy, not money
  • Don't just do something for someone else to get something else back
    • Just ask for what you want up front -- builds trust
    • You can't build a relationship with someone if you want something from that person
  • Selfish behavior creates more selfishness around you
    • Giving creates more giving around you
  • The entitlement of generation-Y is because they don't feel like they've accomplished anything
    • Part of this is because we hand out medals just for trying -- there is no struggle
  • With a clear destination, obstacles are easier to overcome
    • Without a destination, obstacles either stop us or send us in a different direction
    • (he gives a good illustration of this)