What is Polyester?

I was looking at one of Ellie's blankets and it was made of 100% polyester. It got me thinking: what exactly is polyester? Forgive my ignorance if that's common knowledge, but I wanted to know. So, of course, I used Google and found this:
  1. a synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by ester groups, used chiefly to make synthetic textile fibers.
    • a fabric made from polyester fiber.
There's even a website! http://www.whatispolyester.com
This is a daily pursuit for most of us...we have a question and use the internet to find the answer. We live in an age where information is available in moments, all the time (I have some opinions about our growing dependency on this reference-based knowledge, but I'll save that for later). This point led me to another thought: is the question "what is?" is losing its power?
To ask what something is rarely invokes any kind of critical thought or thorough investigation -- we just use Google. Even when it comes to God, we can find a wealth of information about Him or the bible or its history, and that's fine. But what we cannot find online is who God is.
"Who is?" is a question the internet cannot answer, not in the sense of facts about someone, but intimately knowing. Sure, the internet provides resources to help us know God (hopefully this blog does that from time to time), but to really know Him is up to you.
"Who is?" is the question of our age. People will grow tired of "what," when it's so easy to find that out. What we really need to know is "Who," and thankfully God gives us that answer in allowing us to know Him.