Diet Fail

Everyone wants to feed their kids well, right? But sometimes it just doesn't work out. The other day Katie had forgotten her lunch at home so we decided to surprise her with a Jimmy John's vegetarian sandwich. (Later I learned that she had in fact been craving such a sandwich, and was considering heading there for her lunch break, so here's to marital one-mindedness.) I then had an inclination to contact our good friend Jason to see if he wanted to have lunch with the girls and me. Jason is like an uncle to the girls, having lived right across the highway from us for the past year, and so they love to see him. I had picked up an extra sandwich for the girls, but as for me: I elected to indulge in some Taco Bell. Judge me if you want, but even when I feel terrible after, the taste makes it (almost) worth it every time...

Lunch was fine, but having consisted of half a sandwich and some snacks for the girls, I planned on something a little more nutritious for dinner -- maybe a few more vegetables than some lettuce straggles and a tomato slice. Well, the world did not comply, as we ended up running errands, getting home late and making the kids some leftover noodles and a vegan hot dog for dinner right before bed. And know that just because something is "vegan," doesn't make it good for you. "Soy protein concentrate" may not have antibiotics or a bunch of cholesterol, but what it does have, I cannot conclude. Still, hot dogs are easy and the kids love them, so every once in a while we buy the processed vegan garbage to live a more balanced life with the rest of the world.

We have had better days, diet-wise; and worse days. But what I want to write here is that sometimes plans don't work out. Sometimes you must force yourself to enjoy an on-the-go burrito and follow it up with veggie sticks and peanut butter crackers a few hours later, just to get by. The point is, have grace for yourself and your kids. My first inclination is usually guilt after such a day, but grace is a more powerful thing to anchor your emotions and decisions in, and you and your kids will be better in the long run for doing it.

Then go eat some carrot sticks.