Go Climb a Tree!

When was the last time you climbed a good tree? If you're like me, it's probably been awhile. But remember how fun it was? How many memories do you have trying to get to the top, swinging on branches or maybe falling and breaking an arm? It's all part of childhood and trees must be one of the greatest gifts from God, for much more than just practical reasons like fruit and air filtration.

There is an awesome climbing tree in front of the house we rent, which was my grandfather's while I was growing up. Over the years, it has become quite overgrown with vines and bushes, so naturally I haven't climbed it in a while. Well, a few weeks ago my family came over to overhaul the yard, and before I knew it I was pulling down vines (many of which were grape vines...there goes my vineyard plans) and cutting bushes like an outback tour guide. But the tree is tall and the vines have been growing thick for years, so to get them all I had to climb up with an axe and clear away in the safest -- but still dangerous -- way I could!

As I climbed the branches, higher and higher, it occurred to me that it has been about twenty years since I climbed that tree. Memories hit me of climbing with my cousin, particularly the huge low branch pictured here:

The next generation of tree climbers!
And suddenly I remembered: climbing trees is awesome! It was so fun seeing how high I could go (I made it equal with the power lines); something about the element of danger mixed with nature is so magical. So I want to encourage you to go climb a tree! And take your kids with you! One day all these trees may be artificial/digital arborish air filtration systems, so we better do it while we can!