Captain D's

When was the last time you went to Captain D's? Probably a while. The only time I really ever went was with my grandfather because they had cheap fish, and he loved fish (and cheap food), but that had been years ago. I actually have been wondering lately how they ever stayed in business, because I don't know anyone who goes to Captain D's, but they're still here, so I guess someone does.

Anyway, my curiosity and a much needed bathroom break on a long car trip led me to Captain D's lime green door, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! Surprised enough to write a positive review on Yelp, the helpful bloke that I am. Check it out here! (You may notice that I love reviewing fast food, mostly because it is kind of a ridiculous idea, like this particular blog post.)

Besides nice tasting fish and vegetables (along with a not-so-sugary cookie that came with my kids meal), I was struck by the decor. Shiplap abounded, as well as cool nautical themed decorations and a bright green wall. In fact, I have a hunch that Chip and Joanna Gaines got their inspiration from this long-standing restaurant and therefore owe the chain a portion of their successful business, or at least a hearty "thank you." Yes, I would argue that Captain D's was the originator of the shiplap craze, and so if you are a fan, don't be afraid to debase yourself for a cheap fish sandwich and some fries.

Furthermore, they are somewhat environmentally responsible! Their dish ware is partially from recycled paper, and their fish are allegedly very responsibly caught. All of this leads me to believe that the stigma of fast seafood should be lifted, at least a little, and instead of indulging in the seasonally priced fish fillet from McDonald's, maybe you should give the good ol' Captain a try; if for no other reason than old times' sake...