Daddy Dates

Lately I've been having a little bit of alone time with one or the other of my daughters. I get so much time with them on a daily basis that it is easy to neglect singling one out for some more intentional attention. It's great! I've found that even normal things we do every day become more special when it is just the two of us; a new closeness is formed.

I remember reading years ago that a key to successful fatherhood, particularly with daughters, is this alone time with each kid. Making this a routine is so important, because it develops a trust and openness between father and child that later on, when the stakes of certain decisions are higher, the relationship is established enough to make those decisions with parental guidance considered.

I watched Ellie for almost two years before Waverly was born, and felt like I knew her incredibly well, even as just a baby/toddler. When you have two, that alone time kind of gets tossed to the side, more for logistical reasons than anything. But I've always kept these "daddy daughter dates" in the back of my mind, wondering when would be a good time to pick them up with intentionality. I think I'm learning that, even at ages 3 and 4, this time may be necessary, or at least helpful.

And so fathers out there, I charge you to take your kids out somewhere, one-on-one, as soon as you can. A cheap evening at McDonald's would suffice, or maybe just some time at the park or a quick walk. The dividends will inevitably pay off I'm sure, even if it just manifests itself as a closeness for the time being.