Embrace the Tangent

Have you ever had a day where you just can't get it together? Or even maybe just an hour that flies by because you were busy, but you aren't quite sure what you accomplished?

As I'm writing this, I am on the tail end of starting a load of laundry, putting away some of the dishes, dressing Waverly, making coffee, taking the coffee grounds outside to add to a sort-of compost, refilling the coffee bin that we use with new coffee, turning on the TV for Waverly so I can do some chores, taking out the recycling, and then remembering I never finished putting away the dishes so that I could clean new ones in the first place. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you've started about ten things and finished zero. Now I'm writing a blog, which I have to put down so I can complete at least some of those tasks. Standby...

Okay, that's better.

Speaking of not finishing things, I actually started this blog about four months ago while encountering the same issue with the kids. I danced about from task to task, not quite completing anything, which all culminated in having to glue the tail back on this PAW Patrol figure (it didn't stick, by the way).

Poor Chase...

Oh, I left the door open in anticipation of taking out the recycling, which I forgot to do. Hold on...

And...in that process of all that, I finished putting away the dishes, had to use the bathroom, remembered I never brushed my teeth today (don't worry, it's still morning), started a new cycle of laundry, switched the TV for Waverly and finished folding some towels I had left on the floor. Seriously, am I trying to do too much?

Anyway, the idea I had while glueing Chase's tail back on, was to embrace the tangent. Instead of getting frustrated about a crazy hour or day or week or year...maybe there are times we just need to laugh and press on. We'll finish something eventually...right? Of course, if this goes too far, we need to enforce some boundaries on rest, but that's another blog post.