Sleep When You're Dead

I used to say that often -- "You can sleep when you're dead." It was my "carpe diem" of sorts. I had just graduated college and came through a pretty rough summer with no job and only a couple friends in town. Towards the end I made some new ones and got a job (Blockbuster Video, every 2008 graduate's dream job), and as late night freedom came about, I adopted the saying as my own.

Now, ten years later with two kids in my life, "You can sleep when you're dead" has taken on new meaning. Lately, I'm thinking I won't be able to sleep until I'm dead...

If you read this blog, you know I've written often about the struggles of maintaining any kind of sleep schedule with young children. Of course the hope is that, as they get older, they'll sleep more. I'm finding this is only partly true. They sleep pretty well most nights, but I sure don't. In fact, I think I'm only averaging about one night a week of uninterrupted sleep. During the other six, someone is coughing so I get up to check on them, or wakes up to go potty and needs help. Last night Ellie wet the bed, which is a whole two-person ordeal to get her clean, as well as change the sheets.

Sleep when you can. (2014)

The whole thing has me just not feeling well, and I'm getting sick and tired of it (literally). I'm at a bit of an extreme version of this spectrum right now, having stayed up until 2AM last Friday for a friend's birthday karaoke party, planning on sleeping in the following morning. However, the kids got up at 6:30AM to use the bathroom, and I just couldn't go back to sleep after they woke me up. This early wake up and not being able to shut my brain off is becoming a trend, and the result is sickness and lethargy.

I can't say I have a solution to this problem, wrapping up my complaints with a life lesson like I usually try to do in this blog. This one is more about writing what I'm going through as I sit sipping coffee in a laundromat washing peed on sheets looking forward to a potential moment when I get to take a glorious nap.

Maybe that's the takeaway -- live moment to moment, just trying to make it through the current problem until you can get to the next little victory or time of rest. I can deal with that.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34)