The Light EP - "Like a Song"

Here is the last song from The Light EP. It's been fun sharing the stories of each of these songs with the world, and even more so the songs themselves. I hope you enjoy this one, a fun little tune about Ellie, my oldest daughter.

I used to manage a property in Redondo Beach, CA, two miles from the beach. We moved in a couple days before Ellie was born, and it was an excellent place to learn to be parents. I used to walk Ellie all over the Redondo hills, mostly in this cool little green car my mom gave her. Every day was a park visit, and sometimes the afternoons were spent exploring more of the scenic neighborhoods, usually with a 7-Eleven coffee in hand.

The green machine, next to the infamous Baja.

The property had a little lawn out front where we would sometimes sit and wait for Katie to get home from work. The street was lined with those super tall palm trees that California is known for, and there always seemed to be a breeze blowing through. We really wanted a house with a yard at the time (still do), and this little bit of grass was as close as we could get. Ellie and I would play out there, getting dirty, watching the trees, expectantly watching for her mom's car. In this space, the words and melody for this song were born.

It's funny looking back now, because though the yard was a blessing, it produced this angst inside -- a desire to own a home -- a longing that overshadowed the fun it really was. In hindsight, we really had it made those couple of years in Redondo Beach, and I wish I had spent them enjoying the moment more than looking forward to what I thought would satisfy. Contentment is a journey I suppose.

Anyway, Eleanor is a remarkable girl and always was. Fun, spunky, creative, a great dancer and singer; this song really captures what it was like being around her as a little toddler, and not too much as changed. (Except she doesn't really like getting dirty anymore...)

Musically, Robb took this song to the next level. All the percussion in my original recording was done using my kids' play instruments. Robb loved this and expanded upon it, keeping the instruments but adding a little reggae flare, particularly in verse two. This, along with some excellent background vocals (by him) make this song a fun one that, honestly, I wasn't going to include in the album (it's a little difficult to sing, and I have yet to perform this one live). But I'm glad I did, as it's a great way to honor my daughter and finish out this debut album.

The kids' instruments next to my favorite mic, AKG Perception 220.

Thanks for going on this journey with me! Read the other The Light EP blogs here for more details, and subscribe to stay tune. More music is coming soon!

Ellie likes to wave to trees
Saying, "Hi," to green leaves
Swaying in the sea breeze
I don't think there's anything wrong
Because everyone's your friend
When you live your like
Like a song

Ellie likes to dance around
With or without music
All she needs is the sound
Of a joyful life in her heart
But if life is like a melody
Then dancing is her favorite part

Whoa, whoa
The air is filled with music
So breathe it in and move with me
Whoa, whoa
Our lives are best in harmony
So live out loud and live it free
Just like Ellie lives

Ellie likes to play in the dirt
Make a mess on the ground
And get all over her shirt
And I think that's fine with me
Because she lives just like a child
And right now that's all I want
Her to be

Ellie likes to sing out loud!
I'm talking about the kind of sound
Heard on the other side of town
And even though my ears can ring
I won't be covering them up
Because that's who she is
And how she sings

Whoa, whoa
These lives are meant to be sung
So sing out loud and sing it long
Live your life like a song