What's in Your Pancakes?

Pancakes were always fun to make for me, mostly because you can pretty much add anything you want and, in the correct proportions, it will likely work out. Of course, in high school, my cousin, sister and I got a little crazy, putting random candies (notably Nerds) in our pancakes, but still, they weren't terrible. 

With our daughters, I try to keep it a little healthier, though the stray chocolate chip pancake is still acceptable and encouraged. This morning, I was making a set of nice blueberry pancakes, with a few chocolate chip cakes in between for good measure. I noticed, however, that as I scattered the materials on our pancakes, I was being much more generous with the chocolate than the berries.

How are my proportions?

It was a subconscious decision, but sparked an idea: how much of our lives are filled with "chocolate" and how much are filled with "blueberries?" What I mean is, is the media and content you fill your mind with life-giving or junk?

Of course we all need Netflix nights, and I am totally a sucker for ridiculous comedies like Hot Rod (one of my favorites), but I think we need to maintain an awareness of the proportions. How many hours a week (or even a night) do you spend watching TV, and how many do you spend reading, playing with your kids, talking to your wife?

Again, Katie and I totally watch TV just about every night. But we can feel the disconnect relationally when we get into the habit of watching multiple episodes instead of doing something more relationally live-giving. It's all about maintaining an awareness of what you are filling your "pancakes" with, and constantly adjusting your balance to source your life on good things and not fluff.


  1. Everyone loves pancakes, the creamy and soft texture makes them more delicious. Banana, apple and walnut pancakes come with high nutritional value and good taste. You can add any flavor to them like fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and chocolate to make them more delicious. Especially kids love pancakes made up of fruits. I tried the simple chocolate pancake recipes and love their taste. The recipe you showed above for the chocolate chip pancake seems tasty too. I will try this one for my friends. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.


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