Three EP - Out Today!

Exciting news -- a modest 3 song EP (so cleverly titled, Three EP) comes out today! This one has been a long time in the making -- some of these songs were written 5+ years ago, and have been recorded as demos, but this current iteration is in its best form yet!


I originally began this EP as a little experimental project to record three songs for three people (my wife and two daughters) using only three instruments on each song. I was going to call it 3x3x3 (which doesn't really make sense mathematically). It was a novel idea, but really the main purpose was just to save money in paying someone to mix the album! I started recording with this intention, but somewhere along the way I realized that instrumentation and arrangement are some of my strengths, so why limit the songs just to save a little cash?

Also along the way, I made friends with some talented singer-songwriters that taught me that learning to mix and master is a worthwhile task for someone who wants to make music regularly, and though I only had a little experience in it, it was something I was feeling encouraged to dive into. About that time I hired to be the Sound Manager at my church, which meant I was mixing, or managing the mixer, every week for services. This gave me more insight into, and better practice with, typical tools for mixing, even though it was in a different environment than the studio. And then the pandemic hit...


Since I had started working on these albums (and had lots of recorded material from prior songs/albums), but didn't have a quiet house to record in, I spent most of 2020 working on audio post-production. Furthermore, my job at the church transitioned from mixing live music to taking submissions from volunteers who had recorded worship videos in their homes. These songs were recorded on anything ranging from an iPhone to multiple mics in a proper studio -- and I had to mix it all for livestream! Meanwhile, in my free time I was crafting these three songs that had began as a concept EP into what you'll hear today.

They are far from perfect, but much farther down the road of self-production than I could have done two years ago. I've mixed and remixed these songs, shared them with friends, took notes, learned new lessons and applied them to even more remixes. But in all of this I learned another big lesson: eventually, you have to let the songs go and move on. I could endlessly tweak these three tracks, but it doesn't mean that I ever stopped writing new songs or don't have more to say. And so, as I release these to you, know that I already have more in the works and am excited to take the lessons learned from the Three EP and apply it to the next one, and the next one, and the next one...

You can listen to the album on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud and a whole bunch of other places you probably haven't heard of! If you do take the time to listen, please share and/or leave a review where applicable! Thanks!