Here Are Some Covers - Out Now!

My newest EP, Here Are Some Covers, is out now!

This one has been a long time coming. Over a year ago, I noticed that the dramatic shows my wife was watching (mostly Grey's Anatomy) would use cover songs in the shows, most likely to get a recognizable song for cheaper. I thought, maybe I should try my hand at that..., and started recording some cover songs that I regularly played in my sets. Here's one from 2019 that made it onto the album:

I grew up listening to a lot of classic country/western with my grandfather, and so I knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of that into this one; but I also had a few other songs from lesser-known bands that I liked to play, plus a song I had recorded with my oldest daughter Eleanor that I thought would be fun to release. 

However, the project was interrupted when I signed on with The Wright Music Division of The Jackson Agency earlier this year (that's a good interruption!), and I found myself writing songs to pitch to TV shows. I also started working with Songfinch to write custom songs for folks, some of which I'll be releasing on a future album. All of that to say, this covers album was shelved for a time, which ended up being a blessing, as it gave me the chance to upgrade my equipment so I could produce a higher-quality album. 

And so, after producing a few Christmas songs that will be released later this year, I revisited this project with more skills and tools than when I started. I decided to split the album into a "classics" EP and a "modern" EP (yet to be released), so it would fit better thematically. I re-recorded some key elements with the new gear, did many mixes and re-mixes, and ultimately landed on an EP I'm proud of (also, the longest piece I've self-produced to-date). 

As you listen, you'll notice a blend of country, folk and reggae/beach music, which is really my target genre as a songwriter. I love all of those types of music and have always wanted to put them together into something cohesive, which I think occurs on this EP. 

Also notable is the third song, "Walkin' After Midnight," which features my sister Nicky on lead vocals. We have always talked about recording some music together but it just never seemed to work out. Her and her fiancee, Andrew, ended up staying with us for a week before they moved away from Los Angeles, and while they were here we recorded the vocals to this Patsy Cline classic. We also recorded a song Andrew wrote which will be released under his moniker, Eletist. I'd also like to acknowledge that he was a great vocal producer for Nicky on "Walkin' After Midnight." They are a talented couple!

Finally, if you've ever seen me play live, you know I like to keep it light, telling jokes and having banter with the audience. For this release, I had a little fun with Photoshop, which you can see on this YouTube playlist. Thanks for listening and enjoy the album!