New Merchandise!

Hey there folks! I got into making merch back in 2019 after releasing my first EP because...well, it's fun! It sometimes feels silly having merchandise as an emerging artists, but I love dreaming up t-shirts and working with artists to make them happen, so here you go. Personally, I wear quite a few Yonder Breaks shirts, and tend to get quite a few compliments on this one, which I call Ellie the Elephant:

Pink is Ellie's favorite color, of course.

It was designed by my good friend (and skateboard sponsor) Josh Moreno, who is an excellent designer and illustrator. Well, spurred on by compliments (as we often are), I decided to relaunch the merch store through Represent, as well as include a few designs I never released, or that were only available in limited runs. (Limited runs? No more of that! You can order 1,000 of these shirts if you want! Go ahead, I dare you...)

Also, on each page is a link to a video that is related to the product. Everything needs to connect, you know. Speaking of video (see that connection there?), if you want to see the Ellie the Elephant shirt in action, check this out!

You can visit the store here, and since it's fall and I love the whole pumpkin spice thing, I thought I'd celebrate the launch (and the season) with this 25% off promo code: pumpkin25.

I previously only released this one with a white logo on black. But the reverse really pops, especially on this lovely mustard! (I'm a fan of the color only, not the condiment...)

Two of these shirts were designed by my friend and former co-worker Korey Wenk, with whom I also launched the Pumpkin & Nog Vlog. It's a little side project I do for fun, but thought I'd share as well since I'm still connecting things! Enjoy!